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Delivery Time: INSTANT-12 Hours

Price: EUR 20

Instant and simple 1 click solution to activate your Apple device. The latest VDBypass PRO v2 comes bundled with checkra1n Jailbreak!

DownloadVDBypass v2 + Checkra1n (24mb)

VDBypass APP can’t be opened?

If the VDBypass APP reports ERROR and can’t be opened then open Terminal window and type command and enter:

Xattr -cr ~/Downloads/VDBy*.app

NOTE: VDBypass APP must be in Downloads folder for this command to work. If you use other folder or Dekstop then change to correct file path in command above.

For PC:

If you don’t have Mac then copy OS X to a USB memory stick and boot from USB.

See tutorials and download OS X from:

Is your device supported?

Open VDBypass and connect device to USB.

If you see this message then your device is supported and you can make order by SERIAL NUMBER for your iPhone, iPad or iPod.

Currently supported:

  • iPod Touch
  • iPad WIFI
  • iPad GSM
  • iPhone 5S
  • iPhone 6/6+
  • iPhone 6S/6S+
  • iPhone 7/7+
  • iPhone 8/8+
  • iPhone X

CDMA/MEID devices are currently not supported, an update will be added soon for CDMA.

How to use VDBypass?

1. Restore/Erase device with the latest iOS.

2. Click “Start Bypass“.

3. Run checkra1n jailbreak .

3. Start checkra1n and Jailbreak (For iOS 13.5.1 set: Allow untested).

4. Complete Jailbreak.

5. Click Start Bypass again.

6. You will see “Congrats Message” when the process is completed.

7. Reboot and Enjoy your device!

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